I think about myself as a teacher first and foremost, and my career as an educator now spans over two decades. My teaching philosophy and interests have been shaped by my experiences teaching in different types classrooms across the country. I was an undergraduate education major at the University of Wisconsin – Madison, and proudly spent six-years teaching public high school in Brooklyn, NY and San Diego. Prior to my current position at DePaul University, I also taught at Brooklyn College and Yeshiva University. My wide variety of teaching experiences have given me the opportunity to collaborate with hundreds of talented teachers and thousands of engaged students, culling the best practices and refining my ideas about what quality education is.

I firmly believe that quality education is rooted in a collaborative learning process in which students take ownership of course material and actively apply concepts to their lives and communities. In my experience, this type of education occurs best in interactive classrooms, which combine small and large group discussion, a constant connection to current political and social events, and dynamic projects that encourage students to actively link their interests and background to course material. To this end, I work hard to create a classroom environment that emphasizes dialogue and a high level of personal accountability as students are challenged to critically analyze course material and arguments presented by their classmates while forming, articulating, and defending original positions on relevant and complex topics.

DePaul University.  Associate Professor.                                                                         2018-Present
The American Political System
Mass Media and American Politics
Internet, Technology and Politics
American Political Culture
Racial and Ethnic Politics in the United States

DePaul University.  Assistant Professor.                                                                         2012-2018

Yeshiva University.  Visiting Assistant Professor.                                                       2011-2012
The American Presidency
Introduction to American Public Policy
Introduction to American Politics
Racial and Ethnic Politics

City University of New York-Brooklyn College.  Graduate Teaching Fellow      2008-2011
Introduction to American Politics
Racial and Ethnic Politics in the United States
Research Strategies in Public Policy (Introduction to Research Methodology)
Analytic Approaches to Political Problems (Public Policy)

Helix Charter High School. La Mesa, CA.  History/Political Science Teacher.  2005-2007

Edward R. Murrow High School. Brooklyn, NY.  History Teacher.                        2001-2005

New York City Teaching Fellows. Brooklyn, NY.  Teaching Fellow Instructor.  2003

Please contact me for additional information on my teaching interests, teaching evaluations (or rate my professor), or any questions about individual courses I have taught.



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