About Me

IMG_7768I am an associate professor in political science at DePaul University and have over 15 years of teaching experience in a variety of high school and university settings around the nation. I teach courses in American politics, media and politics, internet, technology and politics, American political culture, and racial and ethnic politics. My research is focused primarily on American political development and political communication with particular emphasis on the intersection of the internet and politics.

My first book The Only Constant is Change: Technology, Political Communication, and Innovation Over Time, was published by Oxford University Press in April 2018. The Only Constant is Change explores the technological, behavioral, and political aspects of these revolutionary periods over time and, in doing so, identifies a recurring pattern that can be used to compare periods across time and explore the choices of different types of political actors regarding if and when they choose to innovate their political communication strategies.


For more on my book and other
scholarship please see my research page.

I am a (very proud) Minnesotan at heart living in Chicago, IL with my wife and two kids. Also a die-hard Minnesota sports fan (which takes persistence).

If you are interested in my ramblings on the twitter you can follow me here or check out my instagram here or see or hear my media appearances here.

I’m a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison (BA – Secondary Education) (On Wisconsin!), Brooklyn College (MA-Political Science), and the City University of New York (CUNY) Graduate Center (PhD-Political Science). Thank you to all my incredible teachers and mentors that have helped me along the way!

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